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Cutting Things header, with Cherry Tomatoes and a nice, blue Chef's Knife

This week we've taken the Kitchen Kung-Fu up a notch and we've been playing with knives (in a safe way, of course). Check out some of the tips & tricks that we've been testing with the Chef's best friend:

Easily cut multiple cherry tomatoes in one go

If you're making a salad with Cherry tomatoes, here's a really easy tip to cut them all in one go. Take two plates (preferably with shallow dish plates) and put the tomatoes on it. Take an identical plate and put it on top of the tomatoes, so that there is a gap between the plates. Cut through the gap with a sharp knife until the knife comes out on the opposite end. All of the tomatoes that we on the plate, will now be in half and ready for your salad. Here's a video of how we did it:

For ideal results, use the flattest possible plates and Cherry tomatoes for this tip. If your plates aren't shallow enough, flip them over and use the base of the plate (like we did in the video). We have tried Rosa tomatoes, but they cut awkwardly due to their shape.

For this to work properly, you'll need a pretty sharp knife, preferably a Chef's Knife and something to make sure that they are sharp.

Chop an onion without bawling your eyes out

 Onions have made more people cry than the Lion King, but no meal is complete without them. Put your onion in a freezer-safe bag and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. When you're sure that it is frozen, let it thaw for a bit and put it on your chopping board once you are able to cut it. You can now have a solid go at that onion without shedding a tear. Make sure that you use the onion soon afterwards, or it will turn soggy after thawing. For those onions that didn't make the cut (maybe next time), we've got a pretty good onion storage container from the Jamie Oliver Homeware range that you should look into. Or, skip the entire process and let a device cut the onions for you, like the Mini Garlic & Onion Chopper from Kitchen Inspire by Anzo. Although this device keeps the oils and juices from the onion inside, we're pretty sure that you can still catch a wiff of it and weep, if you'd like.

Keep your knives from accidentally stabbing someone

Ever frantically look for something in your kitchen drawer, only to be stabbed by some mysteriously sharp knife that you forgot was in there? It hurts, right? A quick tip to avoid this is to put a wine cork on the pointy end of the knife before putting it in the drawer. This way, you won't have an unpleasant surprise the next time you're looking for the wine corkscrew. 

That's it for this edition of #HowToKitchen. If you'd like to share some of your own tips with us, catch us on Twitter or Facebook. Leave us a comment on the blog if you have anything to say about our tips and tricks. Keep you Kitchen Kung-Fu strong!

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