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We have been thinking about a plan to keep our website as relevant to you as possible. We don't want a boring online store that has nothing for someone to do except read about a product before buying it somewhere else. The internet is already full of those. Instead, we want to have a site that is filled with reasons for you to come back everyday, even if it is just for an idea on what to make for dinner tonight.

So this is where we start with the plan: our blog. We'll be keeping it full of recipes, showcases, news, ideas, tips and inspiration for you. We want to push as much content as we possibly can onto the blog, so that you constantly have something to do on the site apart from spending your money (we also want you to do that). If you miss something, don't fret. We'll try to keep it as organised as possible so that you can access posts easily. We'll also be pushing the content all over social networks, so keep an eye on them too.

Thanks for reading the blog, and we hope that you'll continue to do so.




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  • Charl Barkhuizen
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