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An egg is probably the first thing on someone's list of meals that they can make, yet they somehow get botched by many. This post isn't about the perfect way to cook an egg or anything like that. Instead, we'll focus on a few hacks that you can use with eggs while you're handling them in the kitchen. This is #HowToKitchen: Eggs (Part 1).

Easily peel off the eggshell

This isn't the hardest job, but it could be a little made easier. Before you boil your eggs, add some vinegar to the water. This makes the egg white separate from the shell, so that you can easily peel it off. Or, you could just try this little trick:

In the video, I just used a tumbler glass and a little bit of water. The walls of the glass and the swirling motion of the water did all the work for me, by moving the egg around and washing down the shells. All I had to do was shake it. A neat little trick.

Fishing out eggshells

There's nothing more annoying when making an omelette or baking mixture than having little pieces of eggshell floating around. They're often really small and somehow manage to evade your best efforts of getting them out with a whisk, fork or finger. 

Sort this out by using another piece of eggshell, which magically acts as a magnet for smaller egg shell pieces. Use a bigger piece of the eggshell for this, so that you have a good grip of the situation.  

Use an eggshell to scoop out smaller bits of eggshell from your eggs


Perfectly rounded fried eggs

Ever had fried eggs at a good restaurant? They always look like they popped straight out of an advertisement, with perfectly rounded egg whites and are somehow all the same size. To do this, get a set of egg rings. These rings are placed inside the pan before breaking the eggs into them. This keeps the egg rounded and even while they are cooked. Make sure that your rings have handles, so that you can easily move them around and remove them from the pan. Check out our 4-Piece Stainless Steel Egg Rings set, which should give you a picture perfect breakfast.

Do you have any tricks for eggs that we might have missed? Comment on this post or tell us on our social channels by using the '#HowToKitchen' tag. Keep coming back to our blog and we'll have some fresh tips, tricks and hacks up for you soon.

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