New to Kitchen Junky: The De Buyer FK2 Knife Range


De Buyer Chef's Knife

It is hard to argue with the French when it comes to cooking. Well, mainly because I don't speak French, but still, their techniques and cuisine are unquestionably some of the best in the world. 

Since 1830, De Buyer has been mastering the craft of creating quality iron & steel items in Faymont, France. The brand has become synonymous with top-quality cookware, before also moving into the business of creating exceptional cooking knives.

We're big fans of De Buyer, so we've added their new FK2 range of knives to our catalogue. This range contains knives of the highest quality, made from highly developed steel that is built to last and give you the best possible cutting experience. Each knife features a calibrating system that allows counter-weight rings to be unscrewed in order the balance the knife. 

The FK2 range features:

Check out this range and more on our online store.


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  • Charl Barkhuizen
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